[geeklog-devel] Geeklog Comment Notifications

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Wed Jan 9 10:35:37 EST 2013

I would like some feedback on this bug report on Comment Notifications


At first I thought it was a bug where no notifications was being sent out
but after looking at the code I realize it was a misunderstanding on how
comment notification works. I still see this is a bug though since things
are not clear.

A comment notification only gets sent out if a user replies directly to your
comment and if you are not replying to your own comment.

I thought when I clicked "Notify me of new replies" anyone replying to my
comment or any replies of comments on my comments (or their comments, etc..)
would generate a notification. I have missed out on a number of Geeklog
comment questions because most people tend to reply to the last comment in
the comment branch rather than on my first comment where I had notify
enabled. This problem has also become more prevalent now in 2.0.0 since
people do not have to click on a link to reply to a comment directly since
the comment form is displayed right on the page (if configured this way)

I see 4 options for when someone can receive comment notifications.
Currently Geeklog uses option 1

1) someone replies directly to your specific comment, 
2) someone replies directly to your comment or any comment reply in your
particular comment branch
3) someone replies to any comment attached to the article, 
4) someone replies to a comment or posts a new comment for the article

I think we should at least use option 2 or even option 3.



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