[geeklog-devel] Oauth Login and open_basedir

Kenji ITO geeklog at mystral-kk.net
Mon Nov 18 07:34:19 EST 2013

Tom wrote:

> With Oauth logins Facebook now sends a url to the profile photo that
> actually gets redirected to the actual photo.
> To handle this I switched to using the pear library HTTP/Request2.php
> which
> uses CURL to handle any redirections.
> This means in the php configuration safemode needs to be off along with
> open_basedir. From my understanding safemode is not used much anymore but
> open_basedir tends to be used in shared hosting environments. If
> open_basedir is set then it looks like our OAuth logins will fail (if a
> profile pic is present).
> What is everyone's thoughts on this?
> The only way around this would be rewrite the profile picture downloading
> and manually follow the redirections until we get what we want (an image).

HTTP/Request2 could use socket as its adapter.  How about changing line
404 of "oauthhelper.class.php" from

            'adapter' => 'HTTP_Request2_Adapter_Curl',


            'adapter' => 'HTTP_Request2_Adapter_Socket',

and seeing how it will work out?  Or, HTTP/Request2 with socket as its
adapter doesn't support redirects?
mystral-kk (Kenji ITO)

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