[geeklog-devel] Registering My Favorite WYSIWYG HTML Editor

cordiste cordiste at free.fr
Mon Oct 7 10:22:29 EDT 2013

Did someone ever try xhEditor [1] ?

xhEditor is a simple,small,fast WYSWYG(What You See What You Get)
XHTML editor based on jQuery and compatible with Internet Explorer
6.0+,Firefox 3.0+,Opera 9.6+,Chrome 1.0+,Safari 3.22+


[1] http://xheditor.com/demo

2013/8/17 Yoshinori Tahara <taharaxp at gmail.com>:
> Tom wrote:
>> I like solution 2 better as well. This way Geeklog has full control of the
>> editor selected and you can have more than one editor installed. Doing it
>> the other way may create problems if you have 2 plugins installed that each
>> have a different editor.
> Thanks for your agreement.
> But I think even in the case of Solution 1, to be able to manage more than
> one editor without problems.
> Tom wrote:
>> My one question is do we want the user to be able to select their own
>> advance editor if more than one is installed? I personally would say no. I
>> would want them to only use the one I have selected for the site.
> I agree with your opinion.
> However, we should allow the user to be able to select their own editor like
> that the user can select their own theme.
> It is up to the site administrator to give the right of choice to the user.
> Tom wrote:
>> The only other downside to me is that plugins are easy to install since
>> you can do it from the Geeklog plugin interface. At some point in the future
>> we should try to add an interface so webmasters can install themes and
>> editors directly from the Geeklog Admin.
> I agree with your opinion.
> Wim wrote:
>> Agree with Tom, with one exception.
>> I agree that is not up to the user to select a specific editor. But it is
>> up the role the user is playing.
>> Comment posting could do entirely with the most basic editor available.
>> See what I mean at LinkedIn: they are using a fine feature for posting
>> comments; no decorations, only user experience.
>> Than I guess a story admin, aka CMS user, would like to use the most
>> advanced editor available for drafting new stories.
> I appreciate your opinion.
> I also think I want to enable the selection of the feature of the editor for
> the posting comments.
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