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That sounds good to me.  Everything should be covered under this plan.  Any 
new plugins (or legacy plugins slated for upgrades) can take advantage of 
this new feature by having individual plugin config options.  The older 
plugins that have not been upgraded, should be able to work fine as your 
working with them now, because they would fall under one of the three areas, 
articles, staticpages, and blocks.  Are there variable hooks that allow for 
this, where the plugin can use when the author of the plugin decides to 


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All object cache values can be set individually. I was just wondering  if we
wanted  customizable default value for any new objects. We current plan is
to add it in.


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I wonder if making the cache options available per article, staticpage, and
block with a default configured in the main configuration.  This way the
admin can decide on whats constantly changing or not.   I would suspect that

the stories would not change much, but then again, there could be items in
the stories that might change from outside sources, like maybe images or



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Okay I have the article caching pretty much done.

It works the same way as for staticpage and blocks where you can set an
individual story to cache from 0 to X seconds before it is recreated (0 is
off which is the default setting).

I have 2 questions which applies to all 3 objects being cached (article,
staticpages, blocks).

1) Do we want an always on cache option where the cache file is never
recreated unless the object is updated by the user. I can see it working
where the user enters a -1 (instead of a 0 to X) so the cache file is always

2) Right now all cache times default to 0 (off). Do we want 3 config options
to allow the user to set some other default?

With tests on my windows system I found very little gain in caching
articles, staticpages, blocks that have little more than text in them
(hundreds of a second difference). Where you really see a savings is when
these objects have to do some processing like with embedded autotags, php,
etc. At this point how long you want to cache the object for before it is
recreated depends on what the data is and if it ever changes and how often.



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