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Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sat Sep 7 12:17:38 EDT 2013

Hi Ivy,


Dirk would know more about this. Maybe he can answer the question  (and we
can use the info as well on our About Geeklog page in the future)

On a side note...

Information like this along with who the developers are, etc. is stuff I
have wanted to add to Geeklog.net
(http://wiki.geeklog.net/index.php/Geeklog.net_Redesign) for a while now.

I also want to update the file management plugin to the Downloads plugin and
add in Bens menu plugin.

I was hoping to work on Geeklog.net this fall but I have had to take on
another job which has limited my time greatly. Which means (for me at least)
updates to Geeklog.net (beyond general maintenance stuff) is out. Any spare
time I get I rather work on the Geeklog code.

That being said is there anyone in the community (who has the expertise and
the time) who would want to tackle updating Geeklog.net? If so just let Dirk
and I know and we can talk more about it privately.



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Hi Tom,

Please tell me more about Geeklog.

"Geeklog was originally developed for the Security Geeks web site"

What is the Security Geeks web site?



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