[geeklog-devel] Proposal about improving the admin section

Yoshinori Tahara taharaxp at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 09:14:18 EST 2014

Kenji and Tetsuko,

thanks for your comment.

Kenji ITO wrote:

> UIkit as well as Bootsrtap is quite handy not only for building the
> admin-specific theme, but for creating other responsive themes.

Good point.
UIkit is so versatile. It's so convenient also for the normal theme.

I'm not sure if UIkit is the best front-end CSS framework.
But I like that "uk-" prefix is used for the class name in the case of UIkit.

Tetsuko Komma wrote:

> By using front-end framework, icon font can be used as Geeklog icon.

Yes, icon font is one of the reasons for using the front-end CSS framework.

Yoshinori Tahara - dengen

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