[geeklog-devel] Proposal about improving the admin section

Yoshinori Tahara taharaxp at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 21:25:34 EST 2014


thanks for your comment.

Wim Niemans wrote:

> Excellent move. Somehow I think that the admin interface
> should be a plugin or adhere to the plugin API?

I modified core system directly.
There was no need to write this change as a plugin.
Also, I think there is so far no need to add some plugin API.

Wim Niemans wrote:

> And for clarity, would there be, besides the generic themes,
> a directory for admin and one for public in the layout?

We would should consider whether to include the admin theme in the
layout directory.
For example, we can add a directory named such as admin_layout,
and it might be better to include the admin theme in the directory.

Wim Niemans wrote:

> Will geeklog allow for styling with bootstrap/uikit/others
> for the center-block only as opposed to the whole site?

No, I am assuming that it may be used by all themes freely.


Yoshinori Tahara - dengen

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