[geeklog-devel] Proposal about improving the admin section

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Wed Dec 10 06:25:39 EST 2014

I think the admin theme should stay in the layout directory. The directory
should be named admin.

A few new config options would be required in functions.php (if not found
then defaults set)

'admin_theme' => 'admin', // Default is 'admin' and this is specifying the
directory in layout for the admin theme

'theme_type' => 'frontend', // Default is 'frontend' and the other option is
'admin'. This specifies what the theme is for and can be used by user
preferences etc.. to make sure we display the correct type of  themes is
select boxes, etc..


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thanks for your comment.

Wim Niemans wrote:

> Excellent move. Somehow I think that the admin interface should be a 
> plugin or adhere to the plugin API?

I modified core system directly.
There was no need to write this change as a plugin.
Also, I think there is so far no need to add some plugin API.

Wim Niemans wrote:

> And for clarity, would there be, besides the generic themes, a 
> directory for admin and one for public in the layout?

We would should consider whether to include the admin theme in the layout
For example, we can add a directory named such as admin_layout, and it might
be better to include the admin theme in the directory.

Wim Niemans wrote:

> Will geeklog allow for styling with bootstrap/uikit/others for the 
> center-block only as opposed to the whole site?

No, I am assuming that it may be used by all themes freely.


Yoshinori Tahara - dengen
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