[geeklog-devel] test-framework - Build # 881 - Failure

Kenji ITO geeklog at mystral-kk.net
Fri Jan 3 18:37:23 EST 2014

Dirk wrote:

>> Rather, how about changing test-framework so
>> that language files will not be checked each time a language file is
>> committed.  Of course, language files have to be checked before a beta
>> version or a release candidate is out.
> In my experience, it's better to alert people of test failures as a result
> of their code changes asap so that they can still remember what it was
> they changed (and why).
> If automating the updates is not an option, then we need to make it easier
> to update the language files, so that everybody who makes a change in
> english.php can then easily update the others.

I couldn't agree more.  All I wanted to say is I don't like an implicit
commit being made to the Geeklog repository.

> The "lm" script itself is written in PHP, so it should run everywhere. It
> has to be called once for each language and for each plugin plus the Core,
> though, for which I wrote a Bash script. I could try to use something more
> portable for that part, e.g. Phing.

Could you rewrite the Bash script in PHP so I can run it on my Windows PC?
kenji ITO

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