[geeklog-devel] Advanced Editor bug - CKEditor and Android Devices

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Mon Mar 17 18:00:42 EDT 2014

I tested this with the Geeklog comment form.

Currently if you have the CKEditor enabled and you try to submit a comment
on an Android device the CKEditor is not visible and if you type something
in the text box and hit preview the comment form does not detect any text in
the comment area and displays a message telling the user to make sure to
enter a title and a comment.

According to the CKEditor website:

CKEditor is currently disabled for Android devices (full support is
scheduled for version 5). Since this is the case the form should still at
least be able to detect the text in the text area and allow the user to
submit a comment even if the CKEditor is not visible (like how the comment
form would normally work in HTML postmode without the advanced editor). The
comment should allow html since that is what the post mode is set at.

We should also check what happens with articles and staticpages when the
advanced editor is enabled and viewing them on android devices.

See the bug report for more information:

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