[geeklog-devel] Geeklog Pagnation

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sat Mar 29 23:24:51 EDT 2014

I need to add pagination to one of my sites:


It allows Google to know what the next and previous pages are with the
content and browsers like Firefox will prefetch the next page to allow for
faster loading.

I plan to add this to the next version of Geeklog


At first I was think this would be easy to do with only a few small changes.
We have all of the information needed in the function
COM_printPageNavigation (ie the urls for the previous and next page). We
even have a spot in COM_createHTMLDocument that creates a bunch of link
elements  (like $relLinks['canonical']).

The problem is the function createHTMLDocument (and COM_SiteHeader)
retrieves it's data either from the parameters passed to it or by running
the custom and plugin api. COM_printPageNavigation has the information we
need but once the page navigation html is generated the urls are lost. Since
COM_createHTMLDocument isn't a class that I can access with in
COM_printPageNavigation to store the data to use later when the page is
created what suggestions do people have to handle this?


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