[geeklog-devel] Next Geeklog Version - Feature Ideas

Wim Niemans niemans at nlbox.com
Mon Mar 31 04:57:26 EDT 2014

Needs that exist, not knowing if, or when yes, how they are implemented:

- proper handling of ajax requests
- a generic template (like there is for a glPlugin) for REST api's

- generic exception class
- proper exception handler

- resource class for javaScript and stylesheets, integrated in a extensionable page class

- language class wrapper to access language array’s in a multi language environment.

- better config class: add xPath capabilities

- add invitations (to fight spammer registrations)
- add a system Glossary (may pick up the glossary plugin)

- support microFormats: vcf, ics, foaf, ….

So far, so good. The following feature is highest on my list, but a huge workload: introduce accounts.
GL supports users, userGroups and accessRights. The feature has a linux look and feel and allows for read/write access configuration per user, group, ‘members’  and anonymous. The state of the art is very, very good.
The proposal is to add accounts (as a security and privacy measure). The idea is that a user (a human, not a bot), is just a user and that there is a different principal (the account) that is allowed to use the system. Though it resemble userGroups, it is not the same.
In order to use the system, there is a account created; this account has a owner, and manages the access rights.
New users must ‘subscribe’ to a account and the account owner can allow users to ‘subscribe’.
Extrema are a installation with one account and a installation where every user has a different account. Both display backward compatibility, but need extra code in core.
Having accounts allows for deleting a certain user without loosing content. User are offered private content to share with their own, private, community. Several admin features will go in account scope.
Having accounts wil eliminate spamming since spam will be encapsulated into a account.
If ever GL moves into document management or stories will become documents, account are a must-have.

If there are more interested developers four this feature, I am willing to set up a discussion to have the specs worked out. I’ve done this before (with a LDAP at it’s heart), but it was java.


On 30 Mar 2014, at 17:31, Tom <websitemaster at cogeco.net> wrote:

> What does everyone want to see in the next version of Geeklog?
> Ideas I have so far:
> - Create a page class (see pagination discussion)
> - Cleanup of Core
> 	- Drop support of COM_SiteHeader, COM_SiteFooter (means a number of
> popular plugins will have to get updated)
> 	- Drop support for LDAP and Live Journal authentication
> 	- Drop support for MSSQL / PGSQL ??? (One, both or none)
> - HTML 5 theme (if added drop old Professional theme)
> - Integrate GSOC Calendar project (Ben??)
> - Including the Menu Plugin with Geeklog distributions
> - Plugin Repository GSOC project
> These are just some of my ideas to open up a discussion on what we want and
> can accomplish. Anyone have any other ideas or comments on mine?
> Based on the outcome of this discussion I will update our poor unutilized
> Roadmap page :-) http://wiki.geeklog.net/index.php/Proposed_Roadmap
> Tom
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