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cordiste cordiste at free.fr
Mon Mar 31 09:22:20 EDT 2014


Here are my top feature requests:

1. An admin page for comments, with comments list, delete and edition
links will be helpfull.
2. Rename staticpages plugin to pages plugin or allow name
customisation for the folder public_html/staticpages
3. A tool to check files from a geeklog install to get list of
modified files, files that are not part of the distribution...
4. A function to filter submitted variable like

 * Filters submitted variables
 * Uses geeklog functions to filter submitted variables for illegal
content.  Any editing is
 * done in place and no value is returned
 * @param array $vars associative array of variable name => type (type
in (number,alpha,text,html))
 * @param array &$arr reference to associative array of variable name => value
function paypal_filterVars($vars, &$arr) {
    // cycle through each variable applying the appropriate filter
    foreach ($vars as $var => $type) {
        switch ($type) {
            case 'number':
                $arr[$var] = COM_applyFilter($arr[$var], true);

            case 'html':
                $arr[$var] = COM_checkHTML($arr[$var], 'paypal.admin');

            case 'text':
                $arr[$var] =

            case 'alpha':
                $arr[$var] = COM_applyFilter($arr[$var], false);

Maybe we could also  publish a story on geeklog.net to ask ideas to
the community and publish a poll with the 10 or 20 big ideas.


2014-03-31 10:57 GMT+02:00 Wim Niemans <niemans at nlbox.com>:
> Needs that exist, not knowing if, or when yes, how they are implemented:
> - proper handling of ajax requests
> - a generic template (like there is for a glPlugin) for REST api's
> - generic exception class
> - proper exception handler
> - resource class for javaScript and stylesheets, integrated in a extensionable page class
> - language class wrapper to access language array's in a multi language environment.
> - better config class: add xPath capabilities
> - add invitations (to fight spammer registrations)
> - add a system Glossary (may pick up the glossary plugin)
> - support microFormats: vcf, ics, foaf, ....
> So far, so good. The following feature is highest on my list, but a huge workload: introduce accounts.
> GL supports users, userGroups and accessRights. The feature has a linux look and feel and allows for read/write access configuration per user, group, 'members'  and anonymous. The state of the art is very, very good.
> The proposal is to add accounts (as a security and privacy measure). The idea is that a user (a human, not a bot), is just a user and that there is a different principal (the account) that is allowed to use the system. Though it resemble userGroups, it is not the same.
> In order to use the system, there is a account created; this account has a owner, and manages the access rights.
> New users must 'subscribe' to a account and the account owner can allow users to 'subscribe'.
> Extrema are a installation with one account and a installation where every user has a different account. Both display backward compatibility, but need extra code in core.
> Having accounts allows for deleting a certain user without loosing content. User are offered private content to share with their own, private, community. Several admin features will go in account scope.
> Having accounts wil eliminate spamming since spam will be encapsulated into a account.
> If ever GL moves into document management or stories will become documents, account are a must-have.
> If there are more interested developers four this feature, I am willing to set up a discussion to have the specs worked out. I've done this before (with a LDAP at it's heart), but it was java.
> Wim
> On 30 Mar 2014, at 17:31, Tom <websitemaster at cogeco.net> wrote:
>> What does everyone want to see in the next version of Geeklog?
>> Ideas I have so far:
>> - Create a page class (see pagination discussion)
>> - Cleanup of Core
>>       - Drop support of COM_SiteHeader, COM_SiteFooter (means a number of
>> popular plugins will have to get updated)
>>       - Drop support for LDAP and Live Journal authentication
>>       - Drop support for MSSQL / PGSQL ??? (One, both or none)
>> - HTML 5 theme (if added drop old Professional theme)
>> - Integrate GSOC Calendar project (Ben??)
>> - Including the Menu Plugin with Geeklog distributions
>> - Plugin Repository GSOC project
>> These are just some of my ideas to open up a discussion on what we want and
>> can accomplish. Anyone have any other ideas or comments on mine?
>> Based on the outcome of this discussion I will update our poor unutilized
>> Roadmap page :-) http://wiki.geeklog.net/index.php/Proposed_Roadmap
>> Tom
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