[geeklog-devel] [SUSPECTED SPAM] Geeklog v2.2.0 Features > What's Next?

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sun Dec 20 13:04:27 EST 2015

So Geeklog v2.1.1 is out the door and now it is time to think about Geeklog

Beside any bug fixes what features/changes do we want to see (that are
obtainable)  and who wants to work on what?

Basically I want to see what the community wants and also some confirmation
on what developers are willing to work on. We are a small community and
based on our past I don't see Geeklog v2.2.0 coming out anytime soon (as we
are all busy with work, family, etc...) so we should have lots of time to
work on things. I would like to set a target for the release of Geeklog
v2.2.0 December 2016. If a few standout bugs are discovered in Geeklog
v2.1.1 then we would release  Geeklog v2.1.2 at an earlier date.

Here is the potential list of possible ideas as I see it (includes some
mentioned previously by me and others):

Cleanup of Core
- Drop support of COM_SiteHeader, COM_SiteFooter (means a number of popular
plugins will have to get updated)
- Drop for Live Journal authentication??
- Drop support for MSSQL / PGSQL ??? (One, both or none)

Demo Site Feature

- Convert to fully use UIkit

Modern Curve 
- Convert to fully use UIkit
- Make Responsive, HTML5/CSS3

Geeklog Administration
- Separate out Geeklog Administration from Front End
- Dengen mentioned he was working on this. Is this still the case?

- Rename staticpages plugin to pages plugin or allow name customization for
the folder public_html/staticpages (so we can still keep the name
staticpages if needed)
- Should check out glFusion as then did something similar way back

Calendar Plugin
- Integrate GSOC Calendar project
- Ben you had started this a while ago. Is it worth adding?

Plugin Repository GSOC project
- Would be nice to implement it...

Menu Plugin
- Was suggested previously to include the Menu Plugin with Geeklog
- Does it integrate well with UIKit?

Captcha Plugin
- Should we include a captcha plugin in the default install of Geeklog?
- To me it is just as important in fighting spam as the Spam-X plugin
- I think we should include one that at least supports reCaptcha v2
- It should be easy to include new Captcha schemes in the future.

What I plan on hopefully doing in the near future is 

Update Geeklog.net 
- Switch from file management to Downloads Plugin. 
- Setup Core Developers Page

And work on maybe some of the cleanup in core (based on what we all decide
on). The demo site interests me as well but not sure it is worth doing as
other items I think are more important to the community.

Based on the discussion and some commitments hopefully I can get the
roadmap(s) cleaned up:




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