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Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Thu Dec 31 10:20:44 EST 2015

This probably is a good idea as most developers now days are using git as you said but we should review what needs to be done, what is affected etc before an official switch happens. (if most of us agree)



Here are a few points we should consider:


We have “Geeklog-Plugins” for the plugins. Maybe “Geeklog-Core” will work for Geeklog itself (I just created it just in case) since it is more than just the source. “Geeklog” on git is already taken and the guy never responded when I asked about giving it to us. “Geeklog-CMS” is already taken as well.


Commit, etc… Permissions for the new repository


Geeklog also has more than one repository so all of them will need to be converted.

-        Geeklog

-        Geeklog Artwork

-        Geeklog Tools

-        Geeklog Test Frame Work (needed?)

-        Older GSOC projects (I believe they are on there)


I notice a few contributors were missing from your repository. If we convert over we should make sure all of us who have contributed in the last few years are at least included.


Jenkins? Dirk you know way more about this than I do. Can Jenkins use git?


Geeklog Bug Tracker. Do we use our current solution or do we convert to the issue tracker included with git? We just started coding a new Geeklog version so it might be best to make the switch now but if so we should copy over relevant feature requests and bugs. (which will force us to clean up the bug tracker and prioritize a few things :-). Does the git issue tracker have all the features we need?


I am sure I am missing a few things… 


Thoughts everyone?




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Hi all,
I used hg-fast-export ( https://github.com/frej/fast-export
 ) and tried
converting Geeklog repository (only Geeklog source code) on hg.geeklog.net <http://hg.geeklog.net/> 
into git repository ( https://github.com/mystralkk/geeklog-git
I know you can't use Jenkins on GitHub.  However, you can expect many more
contributors than now will be interested in Geeklog.  How about migrating
the current repository on to GitHub?  Any thoughts? 

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