[geeklog-devel] Forum Plugin Update

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Wed Mar 4 15:42:23 EST 2015

Okay I have updated the forum repository with my latest changes and included
the denim uikit forum template (that is responsive) .

It currently is very stable but I would still caution using it on a
production site.


The forum plugin requires Geeklog 2.1.1 now (still yet to be released but
you can use the development version or at least update the lib-template file
with the latest version) and a theme that uses uikit. Currently I am using
one being worked on by Dengen for the denim theme.

If you use another theme you will have to add in by hand the required uikit
files and the links to those files in your themes functions.php file. You
will also need to update the directory name "denim" found in the templates,
css, and javascript directories to whatever your theme name is.

In regards to the denim uikit forum template, I have updated the following:

- centerblock
- Forum Index
- Forum View
- Topic View
- Form Submission
- BBCode controls now use uikit

These pages template files still need modifying:

- Form Posts Block
- Preferences
- Subscriptions
- Members Report
- Popular Topics

If you find any bugs or wish to discuss these changes further just reply to
this post.



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