[geeklog-devel] Forum Plugin Update

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Fri Mar 20 16:09:07 EDT 2015

Thanks Ivy.


If you are referring to the trash icon in the admin section then I haven’t gotten to it yet. Was there another spot you found one?


The user icon for the online users of the forum (smallcamera.png) is actually generated by the Geeklog Who’s Online Block and not the forum. That icon will have to be changed in the denim theme.




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It's so nice.


I found two image icons.


1. /images/smallcamera.png


user photo or  <i class="uk-icon-user"></i> rather than smallcamera.png.


2. /forum/image_set/trash.png


<i class="uk-icon-trash"></i>




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