[geeklog-devel] Geeklog.net Upgraded

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Wed Oct 28 13:36:31 EDT 2015

Tom <websitemaster at cogeco.net> wrote:

> I also cleaned up a lot of unused files. (Dirk if possible could you go
> through the ftp site and remove anything that needs it.)

Not sure I follow. What should I be looking for and where?

> I had set the siteconfig.php file config option $_CONF['site_enabled']  to
> false which may have in part caused these issues (don't usually do it this
> way). Was also a little jarring when the upgraded ended in the message "This
> Geeklog site is down for maintenance."

That check is in lib-common.php, which is needed during the upgrade process. You can't really disable the site _and_ run the upgrade at the same time.

(I thought there was a feature request for this but can't seem to find it.)

> After the beta release I also plan to change Geeklog.net from using the File
> Management plugin to the Downloads Plugin. Dirk I know there is a script
> being used here for any release that automatically inserts a file submission
> into the file management plugin.  We are going to need to convert this
> process to use the downloads plugin. Did you write the previous script?
> Could you maybe look into updating this process?

The source code for that is in the "tools" repository
http://project.geeklog.net/cgi-bin/hgwebdir.cgi/tools/ - specifically,

It's basically a special version of the file submission code from the file management plugin that's being called from Jenkins during the geeklog-release job, after the tarball has been copied over from the other server. It expects a file with the supplied name and md5 checksum in a certain directory. If it can find that and the checksum matches, it's being added to the submission queue.

(Side note: It's about time we replace the md5 checksum with something secure and modern)

Long story short: We would need something that does the same for the downloads plugin. I've never looked at that plugin's code, though. Maybe someone who's more familiar with it could give it a try?

Also, while looking all this up, I noticed that our Jenkins has been down for the last 6 hours and the server was being hammered by a stupid bot that got tangled in the hg web view somewhere. Sigh. Blocked a few IP addresses and that bot and everything seems to be running again.

And then I noticed that a new Jenkins version is available, but it requires a newer Java version than the one we have on the server. Guess I have to ask pair.com to install Java 7 for us.



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