[geeklog-devel] Geeklog.net Upgraded

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Wed Oct 28 12:36:45 EDT 2015

Hi All,

I just finished upgrading Geeklog.net to the soon to be released Geeklog
2.1.1 Beta 1

The Geeklog forum was also upgraded to the soon to be released Geeklog Forum

I also cleaned up a lot of unused files. (Dirk if possible could you go
through the ftp site and remove anything that needs it.)

If anyone notices any problems with the updated site please  let us know on
this mailing list. If no problems are reported I will go ahead and release
the new beta hopefully next Wednesday.

I had a few issues with the upgrade:

- The default theme reverted to the professional (was geeklognet_theme)
- None of the core plugin database changes happened. Had to manually go in
and apply them through the Geeklog Admin Plugin interface

I had set the siteconfig.php file config option $_CONF['site_enabled']  to
false which may have in part caused these issues (don't usually do it this
way). Was also a little jarring when the upgraded ended in the message "This
Geeklog site is down for maintenance." We may want to look into this in the
future just to let the Admin know if the upgrade did succeed or not (I
thought it hadn't at the time).

I had run through the install and upgrades (on several different Geeklog
version) on my development site a few days ago and never had any of these
issues (I didn't disable the site by using the config option though).

After the beta release I also plan to change Geeklog.net from using the File
Management plugin to the Downloads Plugin. Dirk I know there is a script
being used here for any release that automatically inserts a file submission
into the file management plugin.  We are going to need to convert this
process to use the downloads plugin. Did you write the previous script?
Could you maybe look into updating this process?

Also the old messenger plugin is still installed on Geeklog.net but it has
been disabled for a few years.  I plan on removing this completely unless
anyone has a good reason not to...



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