[geeklog-devel] [SUSPECTED SPAM] No articles on geeklog.net Fix

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sun Sep 20 11:37:38 EDT 2015

Okay I have found an issue and I have committed a fix and also patched

The issue dealt with cached articles (only) and when theme template caching
was turning on. 

When rendering a cached article and if it was found that the cached copy has
expired, the file would be deleted (as it should be). The problem was when
theme template caching was turned on. After deleting the cached article
instance it could not recreate a new one because it could not retrieve the
cached copies of the theme's article templates.

I could always recreate this issue on my site using a low article cache time
(like 10 seconds). On Geeklog.net the article cache time is set to 1 day
which did not always recreate the issue for some reason (as far as I could

Checking the article cache expiry early on and recreating the template class
if a cached article file was deleted fixed the problem.

Blocks and staticpage content also can be cached. No blocks are cached on
Geeklog.net (as far as I know) but some staticpages are, like the "About
Geeklog" page found on our homepage. 

The staticpages and blocks never suffered from this issue because cached
articles are handled a little different.  Articles contain some variables
that need to be updated in the cache file, this includes things like dates
(due to different user formats) and number of views. 

Block content when cached are cached with the block theme templates but
nothing in those block theme templates needs updating. Therefore it never
had this issue.

Staticpages content is cached separately from the staticpage theme templates
so it was protected from this issue as well.

If anyone still is noticing articles missing on Geeklog.net's homepage let
me know.



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