[geeklog-devel] [SUSPECTED SPAM] No articles on geeklog.net Fix

Dan Stoner danstoner at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 12:33:39 EDT 2015

Great work Tom!

- Dan Stoner

On Sun, Sep 20, 2015 at 11:37 AM, Tom <websitemaster at cogeco.net> wrote:

> Okay I have found an issue and I have committed a fix and also patched
> Geeklog.net.
> The issue dealt with cached articles (only) and when theme template caching
> was turning on.
> When rendering a cached article and if it was found that the cached copy
> has
> expired, the file would be deleted (as it should be). The problem was when
> theme template caching was turned on. After deleting the cached article
> instance it could not recreate a new one because it could not retrieve the
> cached copies of the theme's article templates.
> I could always recreate this issue on my site using a low article cache
> time
> (like 10 seconds). On Geeklog.net the article cache time is set to 1 day
> which did not always recreate the issue for some reason (as far as I could
> tell).
> Checking the article cache expiry early on and recreating the template
> class
> if a cached article file was deleted fixed the problem.
> Blocks and staticpage content also can be cached. No blocks are cached on
> Geeklog.net (as far as I know) but some staticpages are, like the "About
> Geeklog" page found on our homepage.
> The staticpages and blocks never suffered from this issue because cached
> articles are handled a little different.  Articles contain some variables
> that need to be updated in the cache file, this includes things like dates
> (due to different user formats) and number of views.
> Block content when cached are cached with the block theme templates but
> nothing in those block theme templates needs updating. Therefore it never
> had this issue.
> Staticpages content is cached separately from the staticpage theme
> templates
> so it was protected from this issue as well.
> If anyone still is noticing articles missing on Geeklog.net's homepage let
> me know.
> Thanks
> Tom
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