[geeklog-users] Hello and first question...

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Sun May 11 16:34:35 EDT 2003

I have GL 1.3.6 installed on my first site.  It was very hard
installation, basically because I didn't understand the terminology of
the documentation.  Every time an abbreviation comes up I had to go off
somewhere to try to understand what was being said...  Even the concept
of "root" was tricky...  So, when I ask questions, you can probably
assume that the words I use may not be the right terms...  anyway:

I have a second site that I want to install a GL on.  I don't want GL to
be the automatic page that gets loaded when my url is typed.  I would
like the normal index.htm to load (not index.php I think), and I would
have GL loaded as a choice for interaction.  How should I do that?

Thanks DanMc

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