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first of all, please subscribe to the geeklog-users mailing list. We had
to close the list for non-subscribers because of the increasing amount of
spam (I approved your post manually).

>I have a second site that I want to install a GL on.  I don't want GL to
>be the automatic page that gets loaded when my url is typed.  I would
>like the normal index.htm to load (not index.php I think), and I would
>have GL loaded as a choice for interaction.  How should I do that?

If your webserver is set up such that it searches for index.html first,
you could simply put it into the same directory as Geeklog. Since all of
Geeklog's files end in .php, there shouldn't be any name conflicts.

Another option is to install Geeklog in a subdirectory, e.g. you could have


For this, you will need to separate Geeklog's public_html directory from
the rest and put the contents of public_html into the above "geeklog"
directory (or whatever you decide to call it) and the other Geeklog files
outside of your document root (so that they can not be accessed via a
URL). Then you only need to set up $_CONF['path'] and $_CONF['path_html']
to point to the proper places (the latter should be an absolute path in
this case).

So, it's not really that different from a normal install - only that some
files go into their own subdirectory and that you need to adjust one
additional path ($_CONF['path_html']).

Hope that helps.

bye, Dirk


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