[geeklog-users] non-blog dynamic content in geeklog

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Wed May 21 14:44:47 EDT 2003

Dirk wrote:

>Stefan wrote:
>>For example, I'm setting up an online 
>>photo album using Gallery (http://gallery.sourceforge.net).  I'd like that 
>>album to be part of geeklog, i.e. I'd like to keep the geeklog header and 
>>left+right blocks when displaying the photo album.  What's the easiest way 
>>to accomplish this feat?
>Are you trying this on your own or are you using one of the available
>Gallery integration hacks for Geeklog?
>I've lost track of which version is the current one of the hack, but you
>should be able to find it on www.langfamily.ca or www.squatty.com when
>you search for "Gallery".

Thanks for the links to www.langfamily.ca and www.squatty.com.  I wasn't 
aware that somebody had already tackled this.  At the moment I'm not trying 
to do develop something from scratch, so any of the existing hacks will do.  
I have other stuff that I'd like to integrate with geeklog, i.e. bookmark4u, 
so I will have to revisit the issue at some point.  What's the best starting 
point?  Take one of the existing hacks and modify it?


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