[geeklog-users] non-blog dynamic content in geeklog

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Wed May 21 15:08:15 EDT 2003

Stefan wrote:

>I have other stuff that I'd like to integrate with geeklog, i.e. bookmark4u, 
>so I will have to revisit the issue at some point.  What's the best starting 
>point?  Take one of the existing hacks and modify it?

I would start by including Geeklog's lib-common.php into the code you're
trying to integrate and see if that causes any problems. Once you got
that working, the next step would be to wrap the other script's output
into Geeklog. If you have a look at Geeklog's 404.php, that will give you
an idea of a typical Geeklog page:


$display = COM_siteHeader('menu');
$display .= COM_startBlock("some headline here");

$display .= output_from_other_script();

$display .= COM_endBlock();
$display .= COM_siteFooter();

echo $display

Or you could output things directly, i.e. echo COM_siteHeader() etc. That
depends on how the other script does it.

Other integrations you could look at are the PHPLinks integration that
Squatty did and the 4images integration (forgot who did it - do a search
on geeklog.net).

Hope that helps.

bye, Dirk


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