[geeklog-users] Pictures in stories

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Tue May 27 03:33:30 EDT 2003

I've just updated my geeklog site to 1.3.7sr2 and have not been able to 
get pictures to show in my stories. I get an appropriately sized frame 
with nothing in it when I save my story. Although I have permissions 
set on public_html/images/articles to 777, whenever I upload a picture, 
it doesn't get stored in the directory. I've tried to set the netpbm 
binaries correctly (which work OK with Gallery) to no avail. My php.ini 
allows file_uploads (which I was also able to do in Gallery). Any ideas 
on how to get this to work. My image is less than 300x300, btw.


Norman Cohen
nacohen at mac.com

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