[geeklog-users] Geeklog forums plugin

herzog at uhhh.org herzog at uhhh.org
Fri Nov 21 11:49:46 EST 2003

Has anyone seen the "newssync" plugin for phpBB?  This is how I currently
sync my mailing lists with phpBB forums (as well as my favorite
newsgroups).  Mailman has the functionality to sync with newsgroups and I
also am a part of a FIDO-type network and dump all THAT content into
locally-hosted newsgroups as well.  And then "newssync" syncs it ALL that
content with my phpBB forums.

I'm not sure how different the data structure is for the geeklog forums
and phpBB forums, but I would be interested in knowing if anyone here
thinks that something would be doable for geeklog forums.

Although I do some PHP and MySQL work as well as a ton of python
and perl work, I just don't believe I am competant enough to tackle
something like this (not that I would expect anyone here to do so either).

It's just a bit frustrating as I KNOW what I want for my website, but am
unable to "get there from here".  I've tried wrapping phpBB with various
portal front ends, but ultimate I end up thinking to myself "I wish this
was more like geeklog".  :)

Probably not the appropriate forum for spouting off.  Sorry, just needed
to express my frustrations a bit...

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