[geeklog-users] Good Job Developers

Jerry Rocteur macosx at rocteur.cc
Sun Nov 23 13:46:05 EST 2003


I've just upgraded two of my sites to the latest version of Geeklog..

Once again congratulations to the development team for doing such a 
good job, the upgrades were more or less painless and are up and 
running with very little downtime.

Thanks you.

For the FAQ:

The Upgrade instructions do not include:

# For *nix installations the following may be required:

chown -R webuser:webuser /path/to/geeklog

This guarantees that everything in that path belongs to you, typical 
settings are www:www or nobody:nobody and more often than not doesn't 

# For *nix installations cd into /path/to/geeklog and do the following:

chmod -R 775 logs/
chmod -R 775 public_html/backend/
chmod -R 775 public_html/images/articles
chmod -R 775 public_html/images/userphotos

Someone upgrading may not read the installation instructions.

Secondly, when you upgrade you have to tell the upgrade program which 
version you're currently running, it may be an idea to mention in the 
instructions that you will be asked for your version in order for the 
program to work and so include something like:

	egrep VERSION config.php

It may be a good idea to ask people to run:

There is also a script at 
http://yourgeeklogsite/admin/install/check.php that can test the 
permissions for you.

Before upgrading or installing, this program was invaluable for me!

Thanks again and best regards, I look forward to version 2.


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