[geeklog-users] poll doesn't seem to be working right

Doug Kryder doug at cybercocoa.net
Mon Oct 6 10:41:32 EDT 2003

that may be as designed since you have voted once already. that would 
be a question for the person who coded the script. I would think once you 
vote you can't vote again. I just checked and the radio bottons are not 
shown to me sincew, I guess, I voted. Your poll is still slanted and 
biased, though.

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> The problem I'm experiencing (not sure if this is me, or what) is that I was
> able to vote once (the first vote), but now don't see radio buttons to
> choose so I can vote, even when I log out and log back in as a different
> user, or from a different machine as anonymous.   

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