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Jason Signalness jason at btiadmin.net
Tue Oct 14 09:22:53 EDT 2003

Thank for the tips!  Overall, the "integration" is quite easy and 
appears to work well.


scroff wrote:

> You might try looking through this forum thread at squattys... 
> http://www.squatty.com/forum/viewtopic.php?forum=1&showtopic=414
> Any Which Way 
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>>The only way I've been able to allow users to add photos is to create an 
>>album that they can create photos (or sub-albums) in.  The way the 
>>gallery and geeklog user information integrates does not (currently) 
>>allow the granting of Admin rights or top-level album creation.
>>To grant permission for a user (or group) to add photos to an Album, 
>>just change the permissions settings as Admin for an Album.
>>Jason Signalness wrote:
>>>I just downloaded and installed the "Gallery Integration" currently 
>>>featured on the geeklog home page.
>>>Everything seems like it's working, but I do have a question.  It 
>>>seems like only users in the geeklog "admin" group can upload photos 
>>>to the gallery.  I'd rather let "logged in users" post pictures.  How 
>>>can this be configured?  Is there a geeklog plugin or something that 
>>>will allow me to set this stuff via the admin interface?
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