[geeklog-users] Access Rights Defaults

Ed e at marinx.com
Wed Oct 22 13:31:32 EDT 2003

I'd like to understand how to modify the default security settings in:

Default for Event Admin users is always:
Owner  Group    Members   Anonymous
  RE        R              R               R

I need to change it to be
  RE        RE            R

This is because Event Admins do not know or remember to always check off the
Group Edit and uncheck the Anonymous Read, and now we have 300 event entries
that no one else in the Event Admins can modify, only the Owner can modify.
I'm going through hundreds per month and changing them all by hand.

I basically need to do the exact same thing for contributing stories.
I've set all the Topic access rights, but the Story Admin group (the only
people we have submitting stories) never inherits the Topic defaults, and
always defauts to

    RE        R              R               R

when I need it to also be:

    RE        RE            R

Any ideas?


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