[geeklog-users] Access Rights Defaults

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Wed Oct 22 14:00:35 EDT 2003

My hunch is you will find the code in submit.php and in admin/event.php. 
  Submit.php will set teh defaults for moderated events, admin/event.php 
sets up events added by admins.

This should probably be a feature request to http://project.geeklog.net 
to allow admins to set the access defaults not just for events but for 
stories, block, etc through the config file.


Ed wrote:
> I'd like to understand how to modify the default security settings in:
> Default for Event Admin users is always:
> Owner  Group    Members   Anonymous
>   RE        R              R               R
> I need to change it to be
>   RE        RE            R
> This is because Event Admins do not know or remember to always check off the
> Group Edit and uncheck the Anonymous Read, and now we have 300 event entries
> that no one else in the Event Admins can modify, only the Owner can modify.
> I'm going through hundreds per month and changing them all by hand.
> I basically need to do the exact same thing for contributing stories.
> I've set all the Topic access rights, but the Story Admin group (the only
> people we have submitting stories) never inherits the Topic defaults, and
> always defauts to
>     RE        R              R               R
> when I need it to also be:
>     RE        RE            R
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
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