[geeklog-users] Access Rights Modify

Ed e at marinx.com
Thu Oct 23 16:12:31 EDT 2003


: As an addition: For stories, the permissions are "inherited" from the
: topic the story is posted under.

This applies ONLY to anonymous or non story admins.
My problem is that MOST of the time, I have various story admins submitting
stuff (using HTML area), and they have no clue about the permissions
settings.  So the fact that not-very-relevant users inherit the Topics
settings is fine, but not that helpful. All users outside of Root should
inherit the Topic setting, I think (?) Or there should be SOME way to
override these defaults for any user, including Root (via Groups, or Topic
setting inheritance)

: written by a (Story) Admin start with a default set of permissions that
: is hard-coded in admin/story.php.

Ok, so I searched through admin/story.php and admin/event.php for
$perm_group  $perm_anon

I see it in function submitstory, function saveevent
but I don't understand where/what to change to override default settings.
Where are these default being pulled from. Do I change them here or in the
MySQL table?
Some line #s would help me, as I'm quite lost on this.

Appreciate your help, I can move this to forums if more appropriate.

: I'd like to understand how to modify the default security settings for
Event and Story Admins in:
: EVENT.php and STORY.php

: Default for Event Admin users is always:
: Owner  Group    Members   Anonymous
:   RE        R              R               R
: I need to change it to be
:   RE        RE            R		(NULL)

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