[geeklog-users] Access Rights Modify

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Thu Oct 23 16:24:41 EDT 2003

Ed wrote:

>This applies ONLY to anonymous or non story admins.

Yes, that's what I wrote in the next sentence ;-)

>Where are these default being pulled from. Do I change them here or in the
>MySQL table?

As I said, the default permissions are hard-coded in admin/story.php:

function storyeditor()

        $A['perm_owner'] = 3;
        $A['perm_group'] = 2;
        $A['perm_members'] = 2;
        $A['perm_anon'] = 2;

You should find the same assignments in the other admin/*.php files.

bye, Dirk


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