[geeklog-users] Bug in comment preview with HTML markup in mode value

Drago Goricanec drago-l-gl at goricanec.com
Mon Apr 19 02:37:40 EDT 2004

Sorry for the cross posting. I thought both lists would be interested.

One of my users is using the french_canada.php language file. That user was
unable to preview (and hence submit) comments to my stories.

The code in comment.php sets the preview mode button value using the language
specific string $LANG03[14]. Unfortunately, the value used in the language file
uses HTML markup, and the value returned does not.

    14 => 'Aperçu',

Is there a general way to fix this, or must all the language translations be
aware how their strings are used? For now I copied the french_france.php
version of this value to the french_canada.php file (from 1.3.9).


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