[geeklog-users] Bug in comment preview with HTML markup in mode value

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Apr 19 02:52:34 EDT 2004


>    14 => 'Aperçu',
>Is there a general way to fix this, or must all the language translations be
>aware how their strings are used?

This has been discussed before, but didn't make it into 1.3.9. All the
strings in the language file should use the native special characters
(and set the character set properly) instead of using HTML entities.

If you can provide a fixed version of the language file in question,
please send it to me or upload it on geeklog.net (as a .zip or .tar.gz
file, please!) and I'll make sure it's included in the next release.

bye, Dirk


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