[geeklog-users] Locale settings and time

SuD sud_NOSPAM at latinsud.com
Thu May 20 11:13:02 EDT 2004

Jaime Ortega wrote:

>Now I can see all menu items in Spanish, but all references to time (day,
>week, month, year)are still shown  in English. Is it a server side problem
>or I am missing something?
This is my configuration (in debian woody). You may need to check 
installed locales, do dkpg-reconfigure locales if in debian. To be sure 
try "echo $LC_ALL $LANG" in a console, i get: "es_ES at euro es_ES at euro"

$_CONF['language']  = 'spanish';
$_CONF['locale']    = 'es_ES at euro';
$_CONF['date']      = '%A, %d %B %Y @ %H:%M';
$_CONF['daytime']   = '%d/%m %H:%M';
$_CONF['shortdate'] = '%x';
$_CONF['dateonly']  = '%d-%b';
// Notas %p (am-pm) no funciona. Y prefiero no mostrar %Z (CET).
$_CONF['timeonly']  = '%H:%M';
$_CONF['default_charset'] = 'iso-8859-15';

Note that there are several things that may need to be manually 
localized, like date fields, $_CONF['event_types'] = 

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