[geeklog-devel] Updated Installer

Jason Whittenburg me at jasonwhittenburg.com
Tue Jan 14 21:12:14 EST 2003

Ok, I've updated the installer to add the following two items:

1) Updated for GeekLog 1.3.7sr1
2) Added the creation of the GeekLog database

Remeber the installer is for new installs only right now.  It has only
been tested on linux but other unix system may work.  Windows will not
work.  PEAR is required for the installer (the installer will try to find
it if not in the include path).

To use the installer run:

 lynx -source http://newsgeeks.com/go-geeklog | php -q

or download the go-geeklog script and run it with PHP:

 php -q ./go-geeklog

As always, please test and report back!


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