[geeklog-devel] Re: [geeklog-devtalk] Geeklog not supporting GD-Lib ?

Jason Whittenburg me at jasonwhittenburg.com
Thu Jul 3 14:29:35 EDT 2003

GD works on windows, there is a bundled DLL.

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> Does GD run on windows?  If not, that would be your first reason (as far
> as I can tell, it does not support windows).  Geeklog works hard to
> support windows platforms and is hard to justify implementing something
> for use by just a few users.  That said, we *would* include such code if
> it were contributed by a third party (e.g. you).  I would challenge you
> to work this support in which, if you know PHP, should only take a few
> hours to get it working and tested.  You have my word on that.
> BTW, a comparison to *nuke isn't the type of carrot we chase ;-)
> --Tony
> geeklog-devtalk-admin at lists.geeklog.net wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I just figured out that as of PHP relase V4.3x the GD-Lib graphics
> >is included as standard lib.
> >Now I wonder why Geeklog does only support ImageMagic and Netpbm?
> >As I'm using some cheap hosting account I cannot install the missing
> >ImageMagic of Netpbm on the ISP's server.
> >However as they're (and I presume most other ISP's as weel) are running
> >V4.3.x they do have GD-Lib as graphics lib.
> >So why not make Geeklog use GD-Lib?
> >best would be to make Geeklog automagically use GD-Lib if the server is
> >running PHP 4.3.x + .. just like PHP-nuke does! :-)
> >
> >Greetings,
> >
> >Rob
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