[geeklog-devel] Search update

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Mar 10 11:02:06 EST 2003

Tony Bibbs <tony at tonybibbs.com> wrote:

>This weekend I started with a complete OO rewrite of the search page.  
>This comes after finally becoming disgusted with maintaining the code.

Cool. Go Tony, go ... ;-)

>I'm currently having fun debugging template issues 
>which prevent plugins from printing the results that were found.

That problem seems to exist in the "messy" version that's in CVS, too. I
noticed this when testing the static pages plugin.

>While I think we all will appreciate the new code, regression testing this 
>will be a bit of work.  Just a heads-up.

We could even do some live tests on geeklog.net.

bye, Dirk


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