[geeklog-devel] MVC package and sample application

Blaine Lang langmail at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 22 16:12:04 EST 2003

I would except it appears to be a real PAIN to install PEAR on Windows. I
have a new install of 4.3 and it does not come included as noted.

I've tried to install it and using the php cli program:
 cli\php -n -r "include 'http://go-pear.org';

It creates the pear directories and thats it - no files. Why such a
cumbersome install process

For something thats supposed to make installing PHP libraries easier, they
sure make it difficult and backwards to install.

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> As I mentioned in a prior message, I have completed an initial stab at
> an MVC package complete with a sample application.  Attached is a zip
> file with the relevant code.
> Please note the following requirements:
> 1) PHP4 session support
> 2) PEAR::DB installed (ususally is)
> 3) MySQL
> I'd appreciate if you all would give this an honest look by installing
> the sample application, looking at the code and sending questions and
> comments.  It is important because I'd like some version of this
> implementation to be used throughout GL2 but want to be sure you all
> agree this adds real value.
> Thanks guys,
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