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Blaine Lang geeklog at langfamily.ca
Tue Aug 17 22:29:22 EDT 2004

Hi Tony,

I too have never been overly impressed with the ActiveState IDE. I just
found it too slow on my WinXP desktop and it's not a under-powered desktop.
I also recently tried the ZendStudio and liked it but I keep coming back to
my super fast editor that I love to use - EditPlus.  I do like the
integrated debugger but I also found it slow at times - no where as bad as
Komodo. I just hate it when I'm typing and there is a delay.

My trial expired before I had given it enough hour of testing. I know there
are many benefits and it takes time to change your style and get used to a
new devel environment.


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I've tried, in vain, to get free professional edition copies of Zend
Studio.  The best they could offer was the academic discount of 25%
off.   That takes the $250 price tag down to $187.  For what it is
worth, my full trial version expired today and a few features got
disabled.  To my amazement, however, the debugger still works which...by
itself is worth gold.

That being said, I'd really encourage those who haven't tried it to give
it a try.  I've dumped my ActiveState license for Zend and I would have
done so even if my employer wasn't buying us some licenses.  The
features that I have noticed that have been disabled is CVS integration
and the introspection stuff which is handy but not terribly useful, IMHO.

Anyway, let me know if anybody wants the full blown version at that price.

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