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Blaine Lang geeklog at langfamily.ca
Mon Dec 13 18:02:35 EST 2004


The filtering of input parms as you know is very important and an area that 
has really improved since GL 1.3.8 but I would like to suggest we need to 
rethink the method used as we have had to extend and add COM functions to do 
various filtering an now there are too many that at times conflict with each 

Dirk and I have talked on and off about the need for a OO class that would 
be more flexible and consistent.
Also we need to be able to pass an array of parms so that we don't have to 
make 10 function calls at times with larger forms for example.

This class needs to have all the common dataoperations
- filter
- prepfordisplay - handles stripslashes and html entities
- prepforSave  - handles quotes
- prepforOS -- handles directory path delimiters for example.
- censor

There is more but my headcold is effecting my neural network ;)

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You have done a lot of work building the filtering functions in 1.3.x.
They are quite new to me (I don't think any code I have written ever
used them).  I think you have gotten to a point where you are pretty
happy with how all that works.  I was thinking of simply pulling those
functions out into a class for GL2 as I don't see our needs for this in
GL2 changing.  I have a couple of questions assuming that is true:

1) is all the code minus the kses code yours?  I'm thinking about the
dual license issue here so if I have to 'rewrite' them enough to make
them ours I will.  If they are yours I won't need to touch them...if you
think contributions came from elsewhere I will.

2) are there any missing features in the current filtering scheme you
can think of? Any limitations (speed, etc) worth discussing?

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