[geeklog-devel] Controls in GL2

Blaine Lang geeklog at langfamily.ca
Tue Dec 21 15:10:30 EST 2004


I personally am using more JS all the time for form validation and if GL2 is 
going to be positioned for corporate use as well then JS support is more 
then likely well supported in their browsers. We can also look to consider 
looking at IE7 https://sourceforge.net/projects/ie7/

I like the idea of having re-usable functions for generating listboxes for 
example. There is always a lot of common code to generate the HTML for the 
Date fields as well with a drop down calendar are nice - I use that often 

The other idea is to implement PEAR::HTML_QuickForm.

We would just need to allow developers to fully extend the elements easily.


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As you are all aware, there are a number of controls that could be used
for various things.  For example, for a date form field you could have a
simple text field, or a series of drop downs (one for month, day and
year) or something more complicated like a dropdown calendar.

There are probably a number of different various of types of controls
that could be used for all the different types of data that Geeklog
plugins will use.  We should allow for those to be customized with
little to no hassle, no?

Only reason I am asking is I think we may want to consider having a
control factory that does this work for us.  It would, upon request,
take requests for a specific control, create it, set the default data
and return the corresponding HTML and/or Javascript (/me cringes).  The
idea is we'd simply have a folder where GL2 admins could drop new or
custom controls, change a template or two and have it working.

...or am I over complicated things.

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