[geeklog-devel] Controls in GL2

Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Tue Dec 21 15:22:42 EST 2004

Blaine Lang wrote:

>I personally am using more JS all the time for form validation and if GL2 is 
>going to be positioned for corporate use as well then JS support is more 
>then likely well supported in their browsers. We can also look to consider 
>looking at IE7 https://sourceforge.net/projects/ie7/
Inserting client-side JS for validation shouldn't be a problem.  I was 
more concerned with JS in controls (i.e. drop down calendar)

>I like the idea of having re-usable functions for generating listboxes for 
>example. There is always a lot of common code to generate the HTML for the 
Flexy includes most if not all the functions for generating standard 
HTML controls.  I'm more after customized versions of controls (date 
control, time control, editor controls, etc)

>Date fields as well with a drop down calendar are nice - I use that often 
Yeah, I agree, this is more the type of scenario I was getting at.

>The other idea is to implement PEAR::HTML_QuickForm.
>We would just need to allow developers to fully extend the elements easily
Actually Flexy used QuickForm for a while and then got rid of it.  Quick 
form was more for implementing entire forms via PHP code and wasn't 
really intended or use in template engines.  Flexy allows you to stub 
out, for example, your list box in the template and the code that 
generates it is in the view.  I have an example of this one or more of 
the views in the sample code that you and Dirk are yet to get working 
(sorry, shameless dig).


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