[geeklog-devel] New block on geeklog.net

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Jan 25 04:41:17 EST 2004

Blaine wrote:

>It's adding 2-3 seconds to refresh the page now and I've added a couple
>indexes but it still has a lot of records to crunch thru to calculate counts.

Ah, so that's why the site felt so slow. I was beginning to wonder ...

I was shocked to see the first line read

    Geeklog 1.3.8-1 (155)

but on closer inspection, that does link to 1.3.8-1sr3, so it's only
cutting off the file name. However, number 5 on the list is

    Geeklog 1.3.8 (9)

and that is indeed what it says, i.e. 9 people have downloaded the
original 1.3.8 tarball within the last 24 hours. Looks like it's really
time for some housecleaning in the downloads area ...

Btw, when you go to the FAQ, <http://www.geeklog.net/faqman/>, the
contents of the block are displayed in italics. Looks like some of the
FAQ style information is "leaking" into the rest of the site (I've seen
this happening with other pages, too).

bye, Dirk


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