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Tony Bibbs tony at tonybibbs.com
Thu Jun 24 14:14:45 EDT 2004

Yeah, well, good thing none of us loose too much sleep over the 
perceptions other have regardless or not their claims have merit or not ;-)

Of course, I'm quick to fly off the handle when they lump this sort of 
stuff as 'security problems'.  If they don't regard spam in email as a 
'security problem' then they shouldn't do so here. 

Regardless, thanks a lot for the work.  I think if we do add this we 
should all spend a little time reviewing the code and giving it the due 
diliegence it deserves.


Tom Willett wrote:

>I received a couple of comments along the lines of -- I am glad you did this 
>since the developers didn't fix the security problems which allowed it.  I 
>tried to explain that wasn't the case.
>In other words, there is the perception by some that comment spam is failure 
>on geeklog's part.
>Along the same lines, you might be interested to know (if you don't) that 
>the new version of Movable Type does not support the current MT-Blacklist 
>plugin and it caused a real stink.
>Whether you use my plugin or something else entirely, I think it is a good 
>Tom Willett
>tomw at pigstye.net
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>>I figured I'd start a discussion on whether or not the spam plugin that 
>>Tom Willet did should be included in Geeklog by default (ala Static 
>>I think it should be as that would be a proactive step on our part and 
>>by packaging it in Geeklog it would elimiate concern regarding its 
>>installation (not that there are that many).
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