[geeklog-devel] PLG_commentPreSave

Blaine Lang geeklog at langfamily.ca
Thu Jan 27 12:00:27 EST 2005

Vincent Furia wrote:
>What is the difference between PLG_commentPreSave and
>PLG_checkForSpam?  Are both really needed?

Dirk, Tom and I talked about this when implementing the new SPAMX API's and 
decided that it was best to still have a Non-Spamx API to allow other 
plugins to add any other comment related filtering or handling that may be 

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Only point I have is on semantics.  I know it's only wording so take
this feedback for what it is worth.

Seems PLG_commentPreSave make more sense in how it might be used in a
broader sense.  PLG_checkForSpam, IMHO, is too specific.  I can see how
people might dream up a need to do some processing before a comment is
saved that may be completely unrelated to spam.


Vincent Furia wrote:

>Trying to understand the entire comment system a bit better as I
>refactor all this code...
>What is the difference between PLG_commentPreSave and
>PLG_checkForSpam?  Are both really needed?  Is PLG_commentPreSave even
>used (or planned to be used) in any plugins.  Can people see a need
>for it not filled by PLG_checkForSpam?
>P.S.  I'm almost done, just need to take care of this issue and then
>work on plugin documentation.
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