[geeklog-devel] Geeklog`s position in the world of CMS

Markus Wollschlaeger 1000ideen at gmx.de
Sun Jul 22 05:12:49 EDT 2007

Hey Oliver, thanks for your feedback!

I think it proves my main idea that it is all a matter of perspective ;-)

I`m greatful for your warnings that people might get into huge trouble, get stuck or become angry. This is certainly one way it might go. But couldn`t they also become angry when they discover too late what a great forum GL has after installing the bridge and phpBB?

Well, if I look at the phpBB forum and talk to phpBB newbees I see that the captchas don`t work, there is no BadBehavior, there are no static pages. You have to add code / mods by hand and even update it with manual code.

I`m pretty sure that the GL forum meets 75% of the phpBB features, is easier to handle and safer.
Anyway, I rather think that people test new systems and play around with them and there is a whole world to discover inside GL.

To sum it up: If GL will be delivered in a set with the forum, captchas and BadBehavior I will try to get it into some forum comparison matrixes like this: http://www.forummatrix.org/index.php

Let the users decide!

Ciao, Markus
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