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Thu Nov 15 09:20:39 EST 2007

I have come across the http:/// <http://>  issue and a few other small
problems as well.  There are also some cleanup functions I wouldn't mind
adding in.  Maybe I will track down Andy to see what his plans are.  If he
doesn't have time and it's ok with him I could fix the issues in GUS in the
new year.





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"The only problem I see is I am not sure if
Andy is around anymore and is still planning to support GUS."


This is correct I remember emailing him some time ago and he said he would
not have the time in future to maintain this plugin, unless things have
changed since then.






On 15/11/2007, Michael Brusletten <ironmax at spacequad.com> wrote: 

Okay, so that settles that for now until it can be fixed.  I really would
have like to see that one go on the Demo site, but not if 
its gonna crash my server.  Thanx Oliver for pointing that out.  Tom I have
to agree with you on the liking of the plugin.  It shows
alot of information that the Admin would want to have, without having to FTP
to the site to just see logs. 


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> BTW there is a "security issue" in GUS. If someone modifies the referer
> to be an invalid address such as
> http:///
> the site crashes on display of the referrers page. So in case you
> display that to the public anyone can disable your site.
> Oliver
> Web Site Master wrote: 
> > I always install GUS for all my Geeklog sites, a very important plugin
> > me and I can see other people wanting something similar. I believe it
> > be a good one for the demo site.  The only problem I see is I am not
sure if 
> > Andy is around anymore and is still planning to support GUS.
> >
> > Tom
> >

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